my new purse organizer for pochette acc

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  1. That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Cute and it holds more than I thought it would.
  3. Neat :nuts: Very organized :tup:
  4. I have the same Lesportsac pouch. Thanks for the idea!!
  5. Lovely! congrats!
  6. cool!

  7. I bought the diamond sticker at Isetan Department store here and stick it randomly on my cellphone, I saw a lot of japanese gals (japanese magazine) who like to "decorated" their cellphone in such way. My cellphone is very "old" about 4 yrs, after being "decoration" by the diamond sticker, she looks new, like new cellphone to me.:yahoo:

    What pochette u r going to get ?
  8. u r welcome, we r twins Gemini, don't u remeber ?!
  9. CONGRATS! love the organization! :tup:
  10. where did u get that heart keychain?
    cartier or tiffany? or just a really pretty no-brand. I love it so cute
  11. That is nice, I'm having the lesportsac pouch too but for my speedy to organise notes and receipts.
  12. I got it at the souvenir shop, no brand but with a very pretty packaging.. approximately USD6.00 , I can clip it to my D-ring inside the speedy bag or just clip it outside the speedy for decoration... i love it so much...:heart:
  13. that's a great idea, congrats!!
  14. nice idea! congrats!!
  15. that is neat!!!