My new purse organizer for my GST

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    I have been using a "purse-to-go" zip-ups purse organizer with my bags, and I really like it. Recently, pursebling came up with its own purse organizer which is rectangular in shape with more pocket variations, and I thought it would work better for my GST than the "purse-to-go" ones. I took the plunge and I don't regret spending the extra money for another purse organizer even though it makes the two purse-to-go ones that I already have redundant. This new one is even more suitable for my needs with the GST. and it can also be used for my LV Speedy 30 and Neverfull GM. This means changing bags is easy breezy. LOL

    I thought I'd share my new love with those who, like me, carry a lot of stuff with them in their bags everyday. With a purse organizer, I know where each of my stuff is in the bag and I am able to get each item out easily instead of searching endlessly in a what seems like a blackhole if everything is just put into the bag. Also, this organizer can be zipped up. This means that my things won't fall out of the GST should my GST fall to the ground.

    In the first photo, you can see the gazillion things I put in my bag. Yes, I do need to have them in my bag on a daily basis - some I really need to use, some for "just in case". LOL. I had to think long and hard and these are the minimum that I came up with. Gosh! What's wrong with me? LOL. Actually, there's a few more stuff that are not visible in the photo because they are stacked below some things or they are black in color... I also usually put a tube of hand lotion and a pair of sunglasses above the stuff you see and then I zip it up. You can see how it looks in the GST when zipped up in the second photo.

    This is the page to the product just in case you are interested. I bought the jumbo zipped up version.

    Do you use a purse organizer like me too? I would love to see what purse organizers others are using.

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  2. I love that it zips up, so if your bag hits the floor (hard brake driving), all of your things don't end up on the floor. I don't carry that much but I have had times in the past when I did, and hunting in the "black hole" of a big tote was a pain. Thanks for sharing this great organization tool.
  3. Yea, I really like the fact that it can be zipped up. I hate the embarrassment of being in a restaurant or cafe and my bag drops to the ground with its content spilling out. The worst is if some things roll to another table where other people are seated.
  4. I really like your purse organizer especially it zips up. I don't use one in my Chanel bags but I do with my Celine luggage, have to check out their website, thanks for the link.
  5. Great pics, they are very helpful. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the full zip.
  6. I feel the same as everyone else. The zipper function is great! That way no one can see whats inside the purse.
  7. Love it!
  8. Thanks so much for this info! I can't count how many times my GST has tipped over in the car while turning a corner or hitting the brakes and everything falls out!

    I also like to keep lotion and a small hairspray in my purse and am always worried about it leaking out and creating a stain. Do you know if the organizer can be washed?
  9. thanks for sharing
  10. All of us - Great minds think alike! :smile: I'm glad to be of help! I am seriously grateful to the existence of this product, LOL. It really makes my life easier!

    The instructions on the organizer is "Wipe clean with Damp cloth". However, I have hand-washed my "Purse-to-go" ones. This one seems to be made of the same material, so I wouldn't hesitate to handwash this one if I had to. Of course, it's individual choice whether to do so or not. Actually, you can email the owner of pursebling and ask before you buy. She is very quick in responding to queries. It's better to clarify any doubt before purchase because there's a restocking fee for returns.

    oh yes, I used a coupon code for 10% off. It is either ptg2014 or PTG2014. I can't remember whether it was caps or not. I found it on the internet, so I'm not sure if it is still working now. Give it a try or search the internet for another one.

    One thing I like about the material of the organizer is that it is stretchable in the sense that if you squeeze items into the pockets, the pockets will slowly expand to accommodate the items (within reasonable expansion amount of course), although it is not elastic. and the pockets will remain stretched out so that it will be big enough to put the stuff. It's hard to explain...what I am trying to say is that don't hesitate to squeeze your items into the pockets (within reasonable limits).
  11. Great info.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing!!!
  13. Thanks for the detailed description/review. I am going to order one of these. (I am so tired of gathering my items from the floor of my car.)
  14. What's that thin Chanel peeking out??
  15. Are you referring to the thin leather strap? I usually use it to hook my keys. But there's no space for me to put it in the back compartment where it is located because i have a macbook air in that compartment. So i bring it over to the first compartment and put my keys in the purse organizer. I find this key holder feature very useful. There's no digging around in the bag to search for my keys n i don't even have to unhook my eyes from it when opening or closing my door since it is a long enough strap.

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