My new purse needs an accessory!


Which cles with my new azur pochette?!?

  1. Azur cles

  2. Vernis perle cles

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  1. The LV boutique called me and told me my item had arrived! Just picked it up!


    Opening the box is the best part! :p


    It's so gorgeous and ready for spring! But it's lonely and it needs a cles! I was LV for the longest time trying to decide, but I couldn't. What should I get...vernis perle cles or azur cles?
  2. They're both adorable!:tender: I say pearle just so that you can have both azur and vernis, but the azur cles is super cute too!
  3. Congrats!!! I'll say Perle or Indigo if you can still locate one:nuts:
  4. I actually do prefer the indigo...too bad the LV boutiques don't sell it anymore! I guess I can look on eBay or elsewhere, but I'd rather purchase from LV.
  5. You already have this azur baby so I voted for vernis! Perle will do bu yes, indigo looks amaaaazing with azur :love:
  6. Perle vernis.
  7. The perle beautiful!
  8. i'd get a pomme cles!!
  9. My thoughts, exactly!:yes:
  10. Azur cles.
  11. I agree with the suggestion on indigo vernis because it will compliment the azur so well. Good luck locating one if you do decide to go for it. Please update when you decide and post pic.
  12. I actually have the pomme cles, and it surprisingly looks good with the azur. It gives it a nice "pop" of color to the azur.
  13. One of the reasons why I had a hard time deciding between the azur cles and perle cles was because I had my heart set on the indigo. I tried calling 866, and the operator said there were no indigo cles available anywhere in the US!

    I'm still deciding what to get. I have a pomme cles which actually looks pretty good with the azur, so I'll stick with that for now!
  14. so cute!!
  15. Congrats! I would get the perle cles. Don't get me wrong; the azur is very nice. It just seems too "matchy matchy" to me. It won't stand out with the pochette.