My new Purse is almost here!!

  1. While I was sick last Monday at the end of my vacation, I did a little retail therapy to console myself. I bought a lovely black Purse, which has been working its way to me via Singapore Speedpost and US mail. I'm so excited because it's my first Purse and it looked absolutely pristine in the pictures. I know it seems to be a love it or hate it style, but I think I'll like it -- the size and shoulder drop look great for me! I've been anxiously checking the Singapore post site, and it hasn't been updated for a few days, so was dying to know what's going on. I got the USPS package slip today! Now, the question is whether I can get to the post office tomorrow to pick it up -- have to be in early in a scramble to get something done, then have to leave early for doctor's appt. Hopefully will manage somehow, since it's already killing me to know it's sitting there waiting for me... I'll post pics when I get it (probably a couple family shots with new LE Magenta for good measure.) :yahoo:
  2. YEAH! You'll LOVE the Purse! GREAT style...I can't wait to see pics!
  3. Woohoo, congrats, girlie...Post pics when she is here
  4. Congrats!
  5. ooo congrats! Can't wait to see pics! :smile:
  6. What a brilliant idea to do 'sick retail therapy'! I can feel your excitement!!! Congrats!!!
  7. oooouuuu aaaahhhh...can't wait to see pics of your beauty!!!
  8. You'll love the Purse.
    While I've come to the conclusion that it's not the *coolest* style Bal made, compared to the City or Work or the Day, it's the most comfortable, you can wear it with summer or winter clothes, the corners aren't so fragile, the handles don't darken so fast since you don't carry it in your hands, and it looks so cute when it's packed!
    It's definitely worth having one in your collection.
  9. retail therapy is the best therapy going!!!!!
  10. Well, urgent project for my boss be damned! I went to the post office this morning before I came to work, and then sat in the garage at work to open up the package. It's just gorgeous! The condition is just as pristine as it looked. I haven't had a chance to put anything in it or try it on, since I really did have to get in here and start working. But it was well worth the detour this morning, even if I've had to decide to cancel lunch with my friend to give me back some time to work!!

    Pictures this evening!!
  11. congrats! can't wait to see pics.
  12. Yayyyy!! Work be damned, a new Bbag was calling you! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  13. :lol:

    that sounds like me...
    i've gone to the post office to get bags and open them right there in the post office...

    i'm so excited to see pics...i adore the purse style and in black, that's just perfect!!
  14. Ugh...may not get the pictures up till tomorrow. They were among 405 pictures on my camera from my recent vacation, so it took a while. I've just uploaded everything to my computer and am uploading the Purse pics onto the web so I can link. I need to get to bed soon, so will have to do all the linking tomorrow. Stay tuned...