My new Purse from NY store

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  1. I just got back from Balenciaga in Manhattan and wanted you guys to be the first to see my new bag. This style is called the Purse. It is a shoulder bag but it also looks nice as a satchel.
  2. Looks great on you!!! Beautiful color!
  3. Kat, congrats on the new bag!! Great color for spring.
  4. wow, stunning. I want one now! thanks for the pics!
  5. Oh Kat, I like that very much - it is the perfect size, and you got one with very nice leather too. :biggrin:

    Oh - fill us in on stock levels if you can remember.
  6. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Kat totally love your new b-bag! the colour is so cute! :amuse: thanks so much for sharing!
  7. That's a great size! Beautiful!!!
  8. i love it! i want one now!!
  9. The SA that was there today was Joseph. He's a real nice guy. There really wasn't too much out on the floor. They had the new Hook bag out in the same color of my Purse, a black one, and a cornflower one. I told him I had three B-bags already and we had a nice conversation about them. Once he knew I was knowledgeable about the brand and was interested he brought quite a few bags out "from the back." There were no rust bags out on the floor at all, but he brought out a Twiggy and I believe the other one was the Work in rust. I was very tempted to get the Twiggy too, but I also bought an LV today so I had to cool it. There were no emerald bags out either, but once again he went to the back and brought out a bag. It was a hobo type of bag. It too was beautiful. He said they just got a shipment in so maybe that's why stuff wasn't out on the floor. If you know what you're looking for I think you should just call Joseph and tell him what you want. It may just magically appear.;)
  10. beautiful.
  11. I have been in that store too and had a very good experience. They will show you every color and every style that you may be interested in. When I went, I wanted either a black or brown city but I walked out with an olive colored city instead.

    BTW, I love the color of your bag. I wonder if they have the Work in that color?
  12. Kat, this color is absolutely perfect! the best Balenciaga pink yet, imo... Congratulations!
  13. They had several bags in this color. I don't remember if the Work was one of them. Just give them a call.;)
  14. It looks great on you, Kat! Very nice pink! :love: Congrats, enjoy it :nuts:
  15. I did not see any white bags out on the floor, but if you're really interested I'd call Joseph and maybe it will magically appear.