My New Purple Tulle Couture Spy and Choos

  1. Here is my new Purple Tulle Couture Spy and Jimmy Choo shoes. Harrods got in touch with Fendi in Italy and they found me this bag as I have been after one for a while.

    Its not like any other spy I have seen, the inside is like a stiff mesh done in pretty glittery flowers, this holds the bag in shape,its covered in tiny crystal purple beads and when the light catches them is like loads on rainbows. Has millions of pleates running along the front and back which I think I shall be playing with, as its really good running your finger across the hologram and leather serial tag is in the spy comparment. The bag is a very very dark purple (although it looks blueish in the pictures) and the handles and spy tube are a brighter purple

    This bag takes 30 days to make and is made by hand, hope you love my Choos to, they are my first Choos and match the spy perfectly.
    135_3537.JPG 135_3539.JPG 135_3540.JPG 135_3541.JPG 135_3546.JPG
  2. Here are some more pictures
    135_3551.JPG 135_3549.JPG 135_3536.JPG 135_3543.JPG 135_3548.JPG
  3. Stunning Saich. You must be so pleased!

    Am i seeing correctly that the inner heel of the Choos is gold :nuts: i love that detail!
  4. Wowee! I had a feeling this must be what you were waiting for. Is your collection complete now?
  5. Lol, I don't think it could ever be complete! Or if she thinks it is, she will find something else to pursue within a matter of time again :graucho:

    The spy is beautiful.... Though I personally like the pink better. The one you've gone with is much more practical. It screams S-E-X-Y, and mysterious. Beautiful bag. Another lovely additional to your already stunning collection :nuts: and OMG don't even get me started on the Choos. The heels are amazing... The gold detail is just stunning. This is what sets well made designer shoes from normal shoes (not that there is anything wrong with regular labels). They just look so much more... HOT! In this case. Congrats Saich! So happy that they managed to find it for you. :drool:

    (interesting how the serial and hologram is in the secret compartment as well)
  6. Sooooooooo thrilled you love this bag. Kavnadoo, do not know if you have seen the pink one IRL, I had that one but sent it back, not for me.

    As for my collection being complete we shall see:angel: the reason I think the hologram is in the spy compatment is because the inside of the bag is this stiff netting with flowers which shows ever so slightly through the bag, if you had the hologram inside the bag and not spy compartment you might be able to see it on the outside.
  7. You know what the more I look at the pics, the more I like the purple (the Choos are "persuading" me I think). It is such a rich and sexy colour. I'm sure you are goign to look so hot, glamorous and classy with your new heels and bag (then again, it takes a classy lady to pick an outfit like this in the first place!).

    If the tags might show through will you be able to see slight shadows of what you have in the bag in bright light?
  8. Dearest Saich your collection never ceases to amaze me!! Please can we have a group pic?? I am planning a little photo shoot of my "girls" soon! This purple Spy is so pretty and feminine!....and lets not forget to mention the gorgeous Choos!! Fabulous combo!! Congrats :heart::heart:
  9. Love love love it! :tup::okay:

    The shoes make the stock of the bag rise instantly! And the pic in the sunlight really shows it's beauty.

    Before now, I thought the color and design of the bag was impractical. It takes a special lady to rock the color of royalty with such class! Hot!
  10. Saich -- The Purple Tulle is a stunning addition to you spy collection. The details on it are amazing, and I can't imagine how brilliant it must look IRL. I like the purple ove the pink -- the richness of the color really suits the bag.

    Love the Choos too! I have them in black and love wearing them.
  11. that is just gorge!!! just want to touch it!!!!
  12. You are happy with it so that is all that matters. In my opinion this bag is just a bit OTT for real life. The particular hue of purple hurts my eyes :shocked: too.
  13. Saich, your Choos are on sale at NAP. Not sure if you have worn your lovelies already or if you can get a better deal. Just FYI.
  14. OMG, Saichyloo!!!! :shocked::shocked::shocked:


    How in the world you have managed to find so many super rare, super gorgeous Spys is beyond me. The purple tulle is T D F!!!!!!

    Now, recall that I'm going to be in London in October....:ninja:

    And I know where you live.... :noggin:

    And I'm in your will.... :death:
  15. Oh my dear friend Deco, you have definately been left my spys in my will, but no bumping me off before hand, I have more spys to

    You are all so sweet, thank you for your kind words.

    Lobby loo, I am sorry the colour hurts your eyes, The colour is in fact a lot darker than it comes out in the photos, as for being OTT, team this bag and shoes with a plain black vest top and black jeans and you have a stunning outfit. The bag also goes very well with blue jeans as many celebs wear this bag like that.

    Gloss gal, thats where I got the shoes from, had them in my basket for ages then they went on sale and bought them along with a few other goodies.......:rolleyes:

    HandbagAddict as soon as I come back from the US with my Black Pearl will do new group shots, cannot wait to see yours as your bags are to die for, soooooooo stunning