my new purchases!

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  1. I got my PCE purchases this morning! Presenting Hamptons Canvas Patchwork Weekend Tote and the Heidi Sunglasses in Olive Horn!! I absolutely LOVE these sunglasses! They are pefect! And the bag is great! It's huge, will hold practically anything!! Great travel bag! Just for reference, the bag is #70112 $448 and the sunglasses are #S811 $188.

    And my baby, Snack, wanted to join in on the fun! [​IMG]
  2. Congrats on the Hamptons patchwork tote. It's very pretty with all the reds and pinks. The sunglasses look totally sheik (sheeeeeeeeeeeek) on you! And your doggie, Snack, is so adorable. I love minature dogs.

    Enjoy your purchases and lots of *kisses* to Snack!

    Take care,
  3. Great purchases! The sunnies look great on you.
  4. I am loving that tote! I really like the sunglasses on you too :tup:
  5. Thanks girls! I was looking forward to wearing the sunnies out in a little bit, but of course, it's starting to get gloomy! Just my luck!
  6. i never seen that tote! its pretty and so is your baby! congrats on great purchases, enjoy!
  7. That tote is so cute. Love the sunnies too. I have a pair that I got on Ebay on the way.

    I took my dd to get her glasses for school yesterday and they carry Coach frames, so maybe when I get my next pair of glasses, I can get the Coach frames. Trey Shek....
  8. I am loving the pink tote :smile: CONGRATS
  9. That pink tote is gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. i have never seen that tote before...very nice...and you totally rock those sunnies...congrats!
  11. The tote is very cute!
  12. Great choices!!! Those shades look really good on you and I've never seen that tote! Its so cute!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love the glasses. They look great on you.
  14. Cute buys, and doggy hehe!
  15. The tote is gorgeous!!! Love the sunnies & the pup too!