My New Purchases

  1. Hi,

    Just wanna share with you all my latest buys (Saleya PM and Pomme new cles)..... so satisfied (for now anyway!) lol. :yahoo:
    SaleyaPM w Pomme Cles.jpg
  2. lOVE THEM!
  3. Congrats. Both are stunning.
  4. they're gorgeous! enjoy them! congrats!
  5. They both look amazing
  6. They look great together! Congrats! :yes:
  7. The do look soo good together.
  8. great choices! the damier and the pomme go so well together!!!
  9. congrats and hope there more to come..:yahoo:
  10. Beautiful new purchases!:tup:
  11. ^^congrats to you, they are beautiful............but why are you whispering?? hehe :lol:
  12. Congrats, they look sooooooo good together.
  13. lovely!!
  14. Congrats..the saleya is a beautiful bag
  15. Love both! Pomme looks so good with Damier - congrats!