My new purchases

  1. So the lure of the orange boxes was just too much to resist for my weak mind!

    Here are my most recent acquisitions (so one of them isn't really a Hermes item but well...) and their sentient!
    Mini agenda, 24 Faubourg red twilly, Jerome Gruet hairstick, jumbo bracelet (a little shy, didn't say anything)

    IMG_1423.jpg IMG_1420.jpg IMG_1421.jpg IMG_1422.jpg
  2. perja your pics are so cute! what great purchases !! i have the same twilly and the flower hairstick looks really cute! enjoy!! the oranges boxes are definitely hard to resist !!
  3. Thanks! I just got bored of the "bog standard" watermark, so I figured I'd do something a liiiiiittle different. :biggrin:
  4. So cute! Congrats!
  5. congrats!
  6. Cute purchases! Congrats!
  7. Lovely!
  8. Perja I love your pics and watermark! You are too funny! And your purchases are wonderful!!! I am really loving that agenda!
  9. What darllings!!! Enjoy!
  10. I love them all. Your agenda is very pretty.
  11. Very nice perja! Enjoy them all!
  12. Super cute Perja!!! :biggrin: I love everything! :heart:
  13. Yay, congratulations!
  14. Everything is so cute!! Love the watermark, too.
  15. Cute purchases. Love your watermarks!