My new Purchases....

  1. My original goal was go get Chanel sunnies, but I ended up buying these...

    pic1.JPG pic2.JPG pic3.JPG
  2. the BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL!!!! :love::love::love::love:

    that's one of my next targets!
  3. Nice! Congrats! I love the Chanel, and I've got the BH. You're going to love it:yes: .
  4. Congrats!!! they are gorgeous, thanks for sharing
  5. great purchases!!! I keep looking at the looks great!
  6. Thanks guys!
    I almost walked out with the Baggy PM, :love: Love that one!
  7. I love your BH! :love: And I have the same cambon bowler, so we can be bowler twins. LOL:lol:
  8. 2 fab buys!!! I LOVE my BH, you will too!
  9. FABULOUS BAGS!!!:love: CONGRATS!!! Were you on Bloor?!
  10. Awesome bags!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  11. Yes I headed down there today! It was a madhouse, so many people looking at the bags on sale!
  12. Very nice!! Love the BH, I def want one :yes:
  13. love both!! enjoy!!
  14. Both are TDF!
  15. They look good enough to eat!