*** My New Purchases !!!!!!! ***

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  3. Nuffin?
  4. :drool: @ your Avatar!
  5. Imageshack is really pissing me off !! :sad:
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  7. Ooo, love them!!! That bag is awesome!!! I hope your going to model that for us!!!!!;)
  8. I wan to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I truly love your bag and the rond!

    I am looking for the Groom cles desperately!!!! It's the thingy I am looking to buy after finding Jack and Lucie...

    What is the name of the bag and the BIN! Its gorgeous! But does it hold a lot? :yahoo:
  9. yummy, yummy, yummy ... now where's those modelling pics ....? :graucho:
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  11. Gorgeous yellow is my fav colour in the tobago
  12. So I got:

    [] Tanger tote bag from Mens S/S 2005
    [] Groom Rond Coin Purse from S/S 2006
    [] Tobago Pocket organizer in Jeune

    LOVE THEM ALL !! ***
  13. Thanks LOL :shame:
  14. PM'd you, It holds quite a bit, I tried my sketch book in which is pretty big and it holds it :nuts:
  15. Very nice! The groom rond is so cool!