My new purchases

  1. Couple of amarante pieces



    My new tinkerbell polka :heart:

  2. Congrats!! Love everything...the Tinkerbell is too cute!
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Very nice :smile: congrat's and enjoy!
  5. Love everything!! Congratulations on your great purchases!!
  6. WOW congrats! The tinkerbell is soooooooo cute!
  7. love everything, esp. the inclusion!

  8. Oh so pretty ~ Congratulations!!

    Your amarante pieces have much much more purpleness than my sunset that I picked up today. Mine's so reddish and I've decided to return it...:sad:
  9. so cute!!! congrats~
  10. Beautiful, congrats!

  11. I totally agree, the tinkerbell is so amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics. Congrats!

  12. I think this is a hard colour, my inclusion looks kind of brownish in doors but on pic and outside you can pick up the purple.

    Hope you find another sunset, great bag, love the cc holders inside!

  13. Thanks Naomi and irishpandabear.

    I am really pleased with it, I got it at short hills this morning then we went into NYC and it got lots of comments, i have the neverfull in the toile and love it!

    Just after I purchased it a lady who had been trying on shoes went to the display as she wanted it to go with her shoes so I was very lucky!
  14. Lovely!! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. OMG!!!! Love everything... Congrats