My new purchases!! I've been sooo bad, please someone STOP me lol :)

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  1. I already posted in MJ thread about my new MJ bag, but i also got lots of pretty stuff from LV:smile: I got a velvet jewelery case, its sooo pretty and i travel a lot, so i now have a case to carry all my rings and earings ...i also bought jack and lucie, but in monogram colours, a wapity and mc pouch which i dont know the name of:smile: but i found that its perfect to put my passport and tickets in! :yes: I also wanted to get the Icons book, but SAs at Bloor location had no idea what i was talking about...oh well maybe next time, i was already spending too much lol Anyways, has anyone else got the velvet case for jewellery? I love it but i wonder how i would clean it if it gets dirty or something..

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  2. Oh and here are the keychain and wapity, its so cute!!

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  3. That Velvet jewelry pouch is Hot! :yahoo: If you don't much does that run? I love it! Enjoy your new purchases!
  4. Congrats! I like the jewel case...
  5. No way stopping we love seeing eye candy

    Love all your new purchase, CONGARTS!!
    Can you pls tell me more about velvet jewel piece?? Can you pls tell me how much in retail??TIA
  6. How much the velvet case cost? I saw a MC one in LV, but I forgot to ask the price.....Congrats for all purchases!!
  7. Jewelry bag is cute! It looks liek you can maybe use it as a clutch too?
  8. It was 1050 before tax i think, it has sooo many pockets inside with loops and other things, i will take more pictures!!! I wanted a white one at first, but figured that brown is much more practical
  9. Congrats for all your lovely purchases! I'm surprised a passport can fit into that mc.
  10. Very nice purchases!! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. Verey the velvet case!
  12. I HAVE to stop myself!!! :smile:) but i love every piece:smile: i am also still waiting for them to call me about miroir pochette, the SA said that they are going to receive more shipments, so my hopes are still up for that!!
  13. Adorable purchases! The plat is soooo useful!

    Remember to join the wapity club, too :biggrin:
  14. The jewelry pouch has been on elux before...I vaguely remember the brown one being $900ish while the MC one was $1000ish. It's gorgeous! Congrats on getting one svetty!
  15. Congrats!!

    Loooooooooooooove your white MC thinking of getting one to use as a clutch/cosmetics pouch:smile: