My new purchases for today to hold me over till my s/s bags come in, lol!

  1. Hi!!! :heart: Today I went to LV cause I was feeling withdrawal and impatience with my s/s not being in yet, lol. Soooo....I came home with 2 really pretty things. The 1st one im in awe of and am so happy to have gotten it and the 2nd is really cute. Andrew got me a new camera too so no more pathetic blurry ick pictures with zero definition. yay him! hehe...

    So, here we are:

    Carre St. Tropez Bandana in Green (my 1st bandana! - never liked any ever, but this is a work of art IMO and a painting, not just a pattern so it spoke to me)

    Inclusion Bracelet PM in Fawn/Parme (what's the name? on the LV site it says Fawn and on the tag it says Par. as in Parme as my SA, like, what is it? Or both names mean the same and are just translated and I'm a dummy for not knowing that off the bat). Oh, and that's Andrew's dirty fingernail, not mine - Bwuahahaha! :p

    I saw the GM too...but it looked to much like my Rose GM and didn't appear so much light lavender effective as the PM so I passed on it. I will probably get both sizes in the Turquoise however, maybe Saturday cause the color is so beautiful and unlike any past colors. I saw one, a PM in the teeny-weeny size which probably wouldn't fit my left pinky.


    that's all!
    :heart: them so much! thanks for looking, xoxo. :love:
  2. Love the scarf- the patten is so pretty! How much was it, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. ooh i'm so jealous!!! congrats on the lovely goodies!!! :smile:
  4. This is the best way to soothe one's feelings of withdrawal and impatience --- by getting more LV! Congrats! I love the detail on your gorgeous bandana and of course, your bracelet is beautiful!!
  5. Thanks caley :heart:33

    hiya ValleyO - the scarf was $355 USD and just incase (but im sure ppl already know) the inclusion PM is now $280 - price increase from $250 (grr...)
  6. ^LOVE that scarf! Wish I could find a way to justify it....
  7. wow, so pretty! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! You got the green one! It's the scarf, right? Didn't know it came in bandana size?!
  9. Congrats on your goodies, the scarf is amazing! :nuts:
  10. The scarf IS stunning, congrats !
  11. So pretty! Congratulations!
  12. I love the scarf!
  13. omg, I love the scarf! it's gorgeous, congrats!
  14. Congrats :nuts:
  15. Pretty!
    The Inclusion is called Parme. I know what you mean about the color, I'm passing on if it looked as lilac-y as the hair cubes, then I'd be more interested.
    But also, yeah, the small is SO small! I'm waiting on the "turquoise" (still Peppermint to me haha) PM, all my store has for some odd reason is the small size. So they're coming out with the GM in that color too? Uh-oh...bad news for me lol. I LOVE that color, it's so shimmery in the light...much more like the Peppermint Vernis.