My new purchases...come see!

  1. After seeing everybodys 08 magentas..i knew i had to get one! I was worried about the colour as i live in the UK and not sure whether its a bit colourful but it has arrived today and i know i made the right decision, i fell in love with the colour even more and i love it in the day style!

    I also bought a pine SGH part time as well and i love it..i love how the colour is subtle but with the gh, it brings it to life! Bbags are such an addiction..but i know after these 2 purchases i am on a major ban till end of the year! But i think i have got a nice mix of colour to last me a year!

    so here are some pics of my new purchases along with my current collection! unfortunately im unwell right now for me to be posting modelling pics so it will have to be the end of the week!

    Enjoy!! :yahoo:
    ebay 019.jpg ebay 020.jpg ebay 022.jpg DSC00613.JPG DSC00611.JPG
  2. Its gorgeous! I too have a 08 magenta on the way... Its supposed to show up today but the tracking hasnt been updated to reflect it even arriving in my state :cry: I love the PT too
  3. Gorgeous! I especially love your Pine SGH PT!
  4. thanks! i know how you feel..i have been watching everybody posting pics of their magentas and i want to have mine badly! dont worry..the wait is worth it! need to post up love your jaune twiggy!!! its gorgues!
  5. [​IMG]

    Congrats! Love it!!
  6. Wowww Wheeeee, great purchases!!! Love your collection!

    Heaps and huge congrats!!!
  7. GORGEOUS!!! I love the PINKness(in fact love the smoothness & even leather of this) of your Magenta Day & love that Pine PT!!! You have a lovely collection!

    My fave pictures!!!


  8. [​IMG]

    beautiful! fab leather!
  9. Pekie, you have a great collection!
  10. NICE pekie..

    Can you do a modelling shot with your PT?? :p
  11. congrats! you've got yourself a varied selection of styles and colours - :tup:
  12. Very nice. I love your color selection. Is that a mogano GGH brief?
  13. Congrats! They are major, especially the Pine!!!
  14. FA BU LOUS! Love all of your bags, the PT and the Day are magnificent, congrats.
  15. Congrats! Your pale magenta day is beautiful:love:. The color looks really saturated, almost like 05 magenta.