My new purchase

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  1. I posted a few days ago about wanting to purchase a new mono bag. I have the musette shoulder bag and a wallet to match but really wanted a new bag. I was leaning toward the piano or mezzo but worried about the bottom. Many of you suggested the batignolles horizontal. I made a trip to the LV store and tried all of them out. The piano was MUCH smaller than I thought and the mezzo was a little too big. I ended up getting the batignolles. I tried on the vertical but I am afraid that everything would end up on the bottom and I would be digging. I am 6' tall so I needed something that was a nice size. I have decided that my goal is to purchase a new bag at least once a year!!! You girls will be a bad influence on me I can tell already!!! Now to just wait for the straps to color, I hate the light color in the beginning.[​IMG]
  2. Sweet!!!
  3. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  4. Ohhhhhh...I love your new bag! Enjoy!

    :love: :love: :love:
  5. Grats on your new bag! I looove the look of new leather. If you want, you can tan it..?
  6. Fabulous new bag, good choice ! ;)
  7. Congrats! Nice bag.
  8. Oh I am so jealous! We are such enablers, aren't we. I love new vachetta :love:
  9. Very nice choice. Congrats!
  10. You'll LOVE this bag, I LOVE mine!
    I agree about the nakedness of the vachetta! Mine is JUST starting to turn and I carry mine all day everyday and it's been about 3 weeks or so.
    Congrats on your new baby!
  11. very nice! :biggrin:
  12. Lovely! All of you batignolles fans have me wanting one now!
  13. Gorgeous!!! And your camera takes very nice pictures
  14. Pretty! Are those chairs antiques? My parents have a set that look very similiar that were hand-carved "in the wild west" in the late 1800's.
  15. Congrats! :biggrin: