My new purchase!!

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  1. I've been MIA because I've been busy with mommyhood, but I'm back! I just got this $850 Lorna hobo for $175!!! what are your opinions? I love the palais royal collection!:yahoo:

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  2. wow, that's a fantastic deal! it looks like a classic, perfect for everyday type of bag. congrats! please post pics when you get it.
  3. I will!!
  4. What a steal!! I've always been curious about this style. Please post more pics when you can!
    BTW, congrats on your little one - so precious!! And your hair looks gorgeous brunette!
  5. Great deal
  6. thanks pursemonkey!!! I went back to my natural daughter's color:smile: I'm sick of everyone asking from whom she got her dark hair!!!
    btw, the bag is new with tags!
  7. oo congrats im looking forward to seeing it!
  8. Wow! Was this an ebay score?
  9. Yeah! I got it on ebay..I could not believe the DEAL!!!
  10. congrats on the new mama status! :heart:

    and congrats on a great deal! love it!
  11. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  12. Congrats on both the bag & the baby!
  13. Congrats on being a new MOM and on scoring the STEAL of a CENTURY!!!!!
  14. Very nice! It looks like it'll be a great "mom" bag, too!
  15. ^ditto that bom.. :yes:
    what a steal! and your baby is soooo adorable! :tender: