My new purchase!

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  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I just purchased the Princy Hobo in black from Jomashop.

    Does anyone know if the black is discontinued? I haven't seen it in the boutique for quite some time or on the website. Does anyone know if it was on sale during the winter sale?

    I think its a great price. Would have been greater if I lived in the US so I would have saved on the shipping. Side note: If you sign up for their newsletters you get a $20off code!!!

    Hopefully I don't get dinged with customs LOL...
  2. congrats but does Jomashop sell real ones?
  3. Yes, I believe I have read jomashop is legit...
  4. Cute, congrats!
  5. was it authentic?
  6. I haven't received it yet but I will let you guys know. I read some thread here regarding that they are a legit site. Mostly from the fendi sub forum though. I will keep you posted. Thank you all.
  7. cant wait!!
  8. Yes Jomashop sells authentic.
  9. I'm interested in getting it, I don't know if i want the large or small hobo...modeling pics?
  10. Hmm...I just went to their site. They no longer have the large princy hobo. They have the small one now. Strange. I purchased my large one for $312 now the small one is for 439. They better send me the large one!!LOL Plus side is that they have more gucci's in stock!!!
  11. ^^ lol