My "new" Purchase!

  1. After seeing Irene's beautiful blue Epi Petit Noe, I could not resist this when I saw it...this is my first Epi piece, I am a mono girl :yes: ...I really have to put myself on a ban, but you ladies (& gents) are bad influences :tender: !

  2. what a beatiful color!
  3. Congrats! It's a beautiful color!!!:love:
  4. :love: the color!
    Congrat's be sure to model her for us :smile:
  5. Congrats!:yahoo: The color is beautiful!:love:
  6. congrats!
  7. Congrats, love the color
  8. Love the color! Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats! It really is a brilliantly beautiful blue!
  10. I love the bag, and the gorgeous color just makes it even better!
  11. Great bag and color!:heart:
  12. It's gorgeous!:love:
  13. Congrats! You made a fantastic choice!
  14. You know I LOVE it!!!:graucho: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: Wear it in good health, dear!!!:flowers:
  15. congrats....
    Blue is gorgeous