My New Purchase!

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  1. I was having one of those days and decided to go to LV at lunch to cheer myself up...I picked up my first inclusion piece...a Noir PM bangle!
    I love it already and am trying to decide what color to get to wear with it...Any suggestions??
  2. Yellow & black is super hot now.
  3. how about some pics ?
  4. Congrats, I think Noir Inclusion is stunning! Would love to see some pics also!
  5. Congrats! I'm considering my first inclusion bangle as well, but I'm not sure about GM or PM!
  6. I tried on both the PM and the GM...I found the GM to be a little overwhelming on me!
  7. Congrats on your new bangle!! Post pics!
  8. Congrats! Post pics!! I love yellow right now with black.
  9. i am addicted to inclusion after i bought my first!!! yellow and black is nice..or black and pink..
  10. Congrats, please post pics! :nuts:
  11. Congrats! Pics? ;)
  12. show pics!!
  13. ^^^ ITA!

    Pics! Pics Pics! We'd love to see your goodies!
  14. Congrats! We'd love to see the pics!!!
  15. Congrats ... can't wait to see photos:wlae: