my new purchase

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  1. hey yall
    i juz got a cute Coach purse last week
    it'z a large pocket satchel. ..:heart:33333s it LOL:love:
  2. Ooooooh . . . I love this bag! Great choice!
  3. Congrats on ur buy...Its classic!
  4. cute! i like this style.
  5. Did you get it at a regular store or at the outlet?
  6. I am in love with this bag! Congrats, it's great! :smile:
  7. Love that bag, sooo cute!
  8. ohhhh! pretty! now i want this one!! quick question: the website says its like a little over 11 inches wide. and i like big much can you fit in this? i usually carry the whole kitchen sink! lol. great choice!!
  9. Lovely! Congrats.
  10. This is a really cute bag, congrats!
  11. i got it at Macy's
    n u can get an extra 15% off if u open a Macy's card account:cool:
  12. Oooh! I like it! I like satchels!
  13. yea i :heart: big bagz too
    for me i think it can hold loadz of stuff :lol:
    i think yr gonna lik it =)
    go get it cuz it'z real adorable hehe
  14. Love this bag!
  15. gorgeous! good choice
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.