my new purchase : YSL double bag 50% off

  1. I went to YSL store at NY today.. they had a small size brown muse, white/gold Double bag in M/L size 50% off and purple/ grey double bag 50% off.

    They also has dark blue and white downtown bag at 50% off

    I was choosing between dark blue large downtown , white downtown and white/gold double bag.. and I picked the bag.. it is around $700 with tax which is such a bargain.. i never expect it will go down to 50%...

    just wonder is downtown and double bag are permanent item in the collection?? i hope i am not getting a off-season bag.. but I do like this bag very much

    see pics..
    DSC00882.jpg DSC00883.jpg
  2. COngrats! Just got the purple/silver myself. Beautiful bag. I don't think double bag is seasonal, only that YSL does come up with seasonal colors. I have seen a couple of new colors at my local YSL boutique.
  3. What a beautiful bag, the more I see it the more I love it. Enablers here. I just got my downtown this past week and am ready to sell my LV bags to buy more YSL........
    This style bag just screams my sister's name but she would destroy the inside of the bag......
    Do you miss that it does not have pockets????
  4. Do you feel the straps are long enough to feel comfortable when you carry it on your shoulder?
  5. Congratulations! Love the colors. This is such a great bag.
  6. Beautiful !! congrats on your new YSLs !!!
  7. the strap is very comfy.. my one is large size. i also tried on the medium size which is not as comfy as my one.

  8. I know this is an oldish thread but thinking of getting the double as I LOVE it, but not sure on sizing, any chance you can give me the dimensions? That would be aweome! Looks so pretty :heart: