My new purchase-Modern Chain N/S tote!

  1. I think this would be my last bag purchase this year, the new glazed leather is absolutely beautiful! I am in :heart:! Thanks for letting me share..
    IMG_0087.jpg IMG_0088.jpg IMG_0090.jpg
  2. Congrats. It's lovely isn't it :yes:
  3. Don't we say this everytime we picked up an expensive bag..... :graucho:

    I love your bag.... I'm always drawn to roomy bags.... may I know your height and if it's not too personal, what's the damage to your wallet??? Lovely, congrats to a good buy!
  4. Ahh, you look amazing with the MC!! :nuts: I have and love this bag... the perfect edgy black tote IMO! :heart: Enjoy!! :tup:
  5. I am 5'3 (160cm),39kg I've tried on the M/C E/W it looked huge on me, this one is the perfect size:tup:
    I bought it from Chanel boutique in sydney for AUD$3510 including 10% tax.
  6. Congrats!! It looks fabulous on you!!!! :tup:
  7. I love love love your bag! Such a fantastic size!

    PS - nice living room! :biggrin:
  8. I've been eyeing that bag. Its beautiful. Do you think its heavy? I thought the e/w was way to heavy. I haven't seen the n/s in person yet.
  9. love it, congrats!
  10. well, i can't say its light but definitely not very heavy! I can accept the weight:yes:
  11. Congrats. It's beautiful.
  12. The bag looks gorgeous on you! :yes: Btw... wow you are only 39kg!?
  13. It's beautiful, congrats!!
  14. :drool:It's so beautiful. Congratulations!! You look so cute with it too.
  15. Congratulations:tup: It's gorgeous and it looks fab on you:smile: