My new purchase...lots of PICS!

  1. I went shopping at a Coach outlet today. There were only a couple of Ergo leather large totes left in turquoise and they were all gone in 5 minutes as I was browsing in the store, luckily I snatched one in time. I purchased Coach Ergo leather large tote in turquoise, legacy leather framed wallet, a legacy scarf, and Coach Sunnies w/ flowers on the frame. The total price I paid with the TAX included is $475...I think it's a great bargain because the Coach ergo large tote itself costs $428.

    My total purchase:
    Ergo bag in turquoise w/ legacy scarf:
    Coach sunnies and wallet:
    Coach sunnies with flowers on frame
  2. nice outlet haul!! great deals.
  3. I love it all!! :yes: You did great!!! :tup:
  4. Wow, gorgeous purchases! I love everything!!
  5. great finds! Love the wallet!:tup:
  6. omg! they have the legacy wallets at the outlets already?!?!!? aaah, i must go to this weekend before they're all gone! all your items are gorgeous, great deal! congrats!
  7. Love it! Did you go up to Gilroy? I just got the smaller tote.
  8. Yes, I went to Gilroy!
  9. Wow! You found beautiful purchases @ a great price!
  10. WOW!!!!!! GREAT purchases!!!! That wallet is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!
  11. WOW! I love the Ergo!
  12. Wow! You kicked butt at the outlet. :boxing:
  13. I love that wallet!! I just wish I could do without my checkbook register so I could have it too! haha
  14. Great purchases!! Love the sunglasses.....I have em in burgundy!!
  15. SCORE!!!!!!!!!:tup: