My new purchase *Instant Reveal*

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  1. I am obsessed with berry colours and I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it :biggrin: I loved the Berry Haze colour in the Karlie but I have the Karlie in Dandelion and I wasn't so fond of the gold chain with the Berry Haze. Anyway, I am pleased to present my new Classic Q Percy in Berry Haze! :biggrin:


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  2. So cute!! Love the color!! Congrats!!
  3. Ah, I was debating getting the Huge Hillier in this color and your pics do the color much more justice than I have found else where...! :smile: How would you describe the color? More purple or pink? Thanks!
  4. Definitely more purple! When I was looking on Shopbop it was more pinky, which is what I was expecting but I think the colour in my photos is about right, it's definitely more purple than pink. It's a pretty colour though, I love it!
  5. Oh my, this is so cute!! Thank you so much for posting pics, I have been obsessing over this very bag for awhile but I couldn't decide if I wanted it in this color, and your pics/feedback are extremely helpful!;)
  6. ^^ Yes!! Your pictures make the color look more purple or orchid like, which is ultimately what I was wanting!! Very close to taking the plunge!! :graucho:
  7. Thank you ladies!

    You both should get it! It's definitely pretty :biggrin: Glad I can help some :smile:
  8. i LOVE it!!! such a pretty color!!
  9. Love the color!
  10. Love the color!!! Congrats!!! :smile:
  11. Oh my, that is too cute!! I love the color, so pretty! Many congratulations!!
  12. Congratulations! I love that rich berry hue.
  13. very cute and it will go with anything!
  14. Congratulations! This bag is so amazing. I have it in Dirty Martini and adore it. I wear it at night a lot. It's perfection! Enjoy your berry beauty :smile:
  15. Thank you everyone! :biggrin: I really do love it :biggrin: Now it's a choice between wearing this one and my Dandelion Karlie lol!