My new purchase has arrived, Signoria large hobo, Lots of Pic’s

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  1. Yay :yahoo:, I’m so excited to have finally received my new Signoria large hobo in black. I want to give an extra special thanks to Cosmopolitan for letting me know one was available on Bluefly this past Wednesday. The bag is perfect in every way. I have purchased other item from Bluefly before, but this was my first Gucci handbag purchase from them and I can guarantee you it won’t be my last. The bag came in perfect condition and with all the tags and dustbag. My camera is not so great and the flash makes the leather look a bit more shiny than it really is. I just wanted to share my new purchase with you all. Thanks for looking.


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  2. Gorgeous......Thanks for sharing
  3. Yeah! :woohoo: Its gorgeous and it looks great on you. So glad it all worked out! I love the Signoria line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know you will enjoy your new bag, I have the medium in black and use it every day and I :heart: the bag more and more.
  5. that's a beautiful bag! Congratulations! I have bought four Gucci bags within the last month from Bluefly! I am so addicted to that site.
  6. What a gorgeous purse!! Congrats and Enjoy it!!!
  7. what a beauty! i love gucci's leather bags.
  8. It looks really great on you! enjoy her!
  9. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments. I'm so in love. This gives me a reason to give my other recent purchase a rest. I got a Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM a few weeks ago. I think I better take a rest on buying for a little while.
  10. Congrats- she's the perfect combo of slouchy and structured!
  11. classsssssssssy! congrats!
  12. Very nice, congrats!
  13. I :heart: it!! the leather is TDF. This bag looks great on you and I know it will be a great bag for any occasion. CONGRATS :woohoo:
  14. nice ...
  15. That bag is awesome. I love bags that you can wear everyday with snow boots and jeans OR on a hot date with a black dress. NICE. :smile: