My New Purchase!!! Eeek!

  1. Ahhh I'm so excited!
    So I have been saving a $75 gift card from my birthday, and I got a PCE coupon. I knew I was getting a $50 gift card for Christmas so I decided I'd wait because I had till today (Dec 29) to use the coupon!!

    Phew I ALMOST didn't make it. But since Monday is technically a holiday within my company we got paid @ midnight last night!

    Got some flack from my beau for blowing my money on a bag (but not really) he wouldn't listen. I told him that the coupon that I had would save me $112 on the bag I wanted and that I had $125 in gift cards. Yeah boy's don't care. They just see you're paying for a stupid handbag.

    Anywho. On to the pics!!!

    What's in this pretty bag you ask??

    Everyone meet my Bleecker Leather Large Flap!

    Ahh I love it. I am IN LOVE with it. The inside SOLD me on the bag for real!

    Don't mind my slightly messy area lol

    I wish I could take a picture of me WITH it but everyone is sleeping and I'm anti-full length mirrors.

    It fits awesome on the shoulder!! Ah.

    So it was $448 and with my 25% off it was $336. Then with the $125 from gift cards it was $211 plus Mass. tax I got it for $227!!

    I'm sorry but what a steal!! I'm psyched and my friends who went with me were totally supportive of my habit.

    Sooo excited!!! Hope you all like it!:tup:
  2. Great find! I am so glad you enjoy your new purchase. I love the lining on those bags/wristlets too, it's so fun to open up and look inside.
  3. Ah It's seriously so cute! When I showed my boyfriend he was like it's fake!! Look at the inside!!! Trying to make me feel all bad. Whatever. I work wicked hard and I deserve it! I am however on a bag ban!
  4. Good for you! The bleecker flap is an awesome bag!! And that's a fabulous price! Wear it in good health!!
  5. $227? Not bad! Congrats on the new bag. :biggrin:
  6. I really like your bag, but I was wondering if it was the lighting or is your bag really scratched?
  7. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. It came that way. I believe it's part of the "vintage-aged leather". Even the ones on the website have little marks.

    Do you think it looks weird? Any experts on this?
  9. Yeah after my 25% off PCE coupon and all my gift cards ended up getting it for $227!

    So glad people here understand how much of a good deal that is. Everyone else in my life is like Woah?? That's like a car payment!
  10. Congrat's, you got a great deal!
  11. Enjoy!
  12. OMG!!!! Is that BRITISH TAN????!!!! I LOVE THAT COLOR!!!! GREAT choice!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  13. it shouldnt be that scratched :sad: But it will eventually get that "vintage" look and get a couple scratches, but not brand new like that....

    If you're happy with it, I guess it's not a big deal. It's all personal preference
  14. Love the large bleeker flap! Got one in wine for Christmas from DH but took it back because a lot of the store models in that color were scratched to crap and back so I figured mine might get like that :sad:
  15. It is indeed.
    I LOVE it!!