My NEW purchase before the price hike!!!

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  1. I read about the price increase last night :Push: , and I decided to get a bag off my list now before the next week price hike. I went to LV today, and tried Speedy, Tulum, PH, CP and BH, finally came home with this-----Batignolles Vertical:yahoo: !!

    So ladies, come to say nice things~:roflmfao: :graucho:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. i LOVE the bag..and your figure!!!
  3. Your new bag looks great on you! How tall are you? I'm liking the Vertical better than the BH. Congrats!
  4. I'm 5'7''!!!:P
  5. ^^hehe, Thanks~ rensky!! I Loveeee this bag!!!! I don't really like the BH, its a bit too wide and makes me look shorter....:shrugs:
  6. u don't need to look shorter, girl!
  7. bb10lue, nice choice..

    u're acting so quick though, i havent had chance to come to the store to day. i might drop by on monday or tuesday..

    enjoy ur new bag :heart:
  8. hey bb10lue - :nuts: 0o0o your BV looks awesome on ya!!! :yahoo: congrats!!! Totally love the pics!!! :wlae:
  9. LOL~ syd_chic, I always like this, if i want something I want to have it NOW :biggrin: !! So what are you goin to get on Mon. /Tue.??
  10. :nuts: Knew it'll look HOT! Looks perfect on you:yes: ENJOY!!!! :yahoo: :supacool:
  11. Looks great on ya !
  12. the BV has just the right proportions on you :yes: i actually like this better than the Horizontal. congrats!

    i might have to visit Collins St before Thursday :Push:
  13. oh well, im still undecided.. should i go with pop haut?! what do u think bb10lue?

    im pretty much like u, dying to find something from mono canvas line *for the sake of matching it with my panda keyring* :lol:
  14. Wow, congrats bb, you sure pounced on that bag quickly :lol:
  15. Congratulations sweetie! I've actually never fancied the BV (more of a BH fan) but it looks gorgeous on you! =) Very good choice!
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