My New Purchase - 1st Chanel... But

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  1. Hi all,

    I am such a big Bottega Veneta fan. I recently went to Europe (London and Paris) for leisure. Scenes there are beautiful. Especially loved the Big Ben and the Tour Eiffel. :smile: First time seeing snow as well.

    On the last day of my day staying at Paris (Feb 16) before heading off to the airport on the 17th, I was walking down the Ave. Montaigne and was attracted into the Chanel store. Wowww. Saw this beauty inside. Looked so much like the classic flap (which to me looks more elagant and classic)but has wrinkled surfaces (it looked more casual to me which suits my style) I bought this baby home and now half the globe away, it's back in Hong Kong with me. Loved this baby. Let me introduce it.

    This classic flap look-alike has 2 sizes. The bigger size is way bigger than the Maxi Classic Flap (hope the terminology is correct), mine is the smaller one which is about the size of the Jumbo Classic Flap.

    The bigger size one can only be worn as a shoulder bag; the smaller one's metal straps can be adjusted and the bag can be worn diagonally.

    The CC logo seems rusty / old which is a style for this one, I suppose (Picture 1). Another difference is that this bag has the magnetic closure instead of the turn-knob CC closure. (Picture 2)

    The side of the bag seemed like divided into 2 with a calf strap wrapped around which adds a slight twist to the classic flap (Picture 3)

    1st time visiting this Chanel forum and saw that many of your bags have tags with model numbers, but my SA has taken that out which leaves me clueless of what year / model of my bag is (I couldn't find it here and on the official Chanel website) Can any ladies put in your thoughts? May be which collection does it come from or the tag number or any information about this bag? Thanks!




  2. nice! how much is it? post modelling pictures!! :smile:
  3. The small-size that I got, it was Euro 1,800 with Tax included.

    As I am a non-European citizen, I got 13% Tax refund (Euro 234) = Euro 1,566 which is about 30% off of the price in Hong Kong

    The larger size was close to Euro 2,250 ~ 2,300 as far as I remembered with Tax included.

  4. It's really gorgeous! I love it when Chanel takes a classic flap and gives it a funky edge. Congrats!
  5. This is the easy cc for $2650 in accordance with one of penney's emails
  6. It's super gorgeous congrats! I didn't know it is this roomy
  7. thats a beautiful bag!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats!
  9. It is roomy for sure. Looks very nice and practical too! Congrats
  10. That bag is stunning! Congrats!
  11. OMG I love this bag! Congrats! It is really pretty. I love how it is a slightly slouchy version of the flap. I love soft and slouchy bags. Beautiful!
  12. i like it! its like a classic bag with a twist! ive never seen it until now...
  13. OMG i just came back from Paris with the larger size of this bag that was arround 2300 Euro. It was by far the most modern and edgy bag of the is so buttery soft and yummy... i fell in love with it right away!!! i was told on the forum that it is called easy cc... wear it in good health:biggrin:!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag. Congratz & Enjoy her!
  15. Beautiful bag!! Congrats, I can't stop looking at it :girlsigh: