My New Puppy

  1. Introducing Kina! :yahoo:

    We got her for Christmas. We had to put our previous dog (Tasha) to sleep in October because of cancer. I feel a little guilty getting another puppy so quickly but after having a dog for 10 years the house seemed very empty without one....
    Picture 038.jpg Picture 042.jpg Picture 085.jpg Picture 105.jpg
  2. She is adorable!! What a great new Christmas gift......enjoy her! Is she a German Shepard?
  3. she is so adorable.... i can stare at that face all day....
  4. so cute!!
  5. OMG that dog is a DOLL!!!!!
  6. She is adorable, what a great christmaspresent :heart:
  7. AWww Kina is soooo cute:love:
  8. Thanks everyone! Yes - she is a German Shepherd. I don't think she really looks like one though :confused1: . It will be interesting to see if her markings change at all as she gets bigger.
  9. Aww.. how darling is she ! :yes:
  10. She is SO cute!
  11. Hi Kina,

    Welcome to tPF! We are a bunch of animal lovers here! You're precious! How old are you? And, BTW, I :heart::heart::heart:your name!
  12. She's is sooooo cute! Lovely little face! Congrats!
  13. What a cutie! Congrats!
  14. Kina is a cutie-pie! That's not as fast as some people who lose a pet. My son had a new dog within a week of their dog dying unexpectedly.
  15. That is one cute puppy, and no doubt will be the size of a meat freezer...Love German Shepards, they are great dogs.