My new puppy!! *pics <3*

  1. Wow...this beautiful bundle of puppy love came into my life on february 4th 07 ...he was born on dec. 12th 06 so he isnt quite 3 months old yet ...his name is Louis and hes a toy poodle, hope you guys like him because i love himmm:love: :heart: !!!!!!
    teacup baby2.jpg mon baby2.jpg mon baby.jpg
  2. OMG, he is adorable. I wish you many happy years together.
  3. Threads like this make me realize that I must stop frequent this subforum! Look at that precious little thing:love: I'm gonna end up with a house full of puppies because all these pics makes me want a puppy sooo much :love:
    Anyways, he's gorgeous, and I love the name as well:graucho:
  4. Thanks guys, i love him soooo much! Hes an amazingly smart little guy, real cuddly too...hes sleeping right now like a little baby :love:
  5. Louis is so cute! Poodles are very smart--he will keep you busy! He's a lucky boy to be with you. :yes:
  6. Oh yes I know I have a 5 year old standard girl, the other love of my life, theyre amazingly smart and learn very the breed, i cant see myself getting any other kind of dog since my first one :shame:
  7. he's such a cutie! I love him standing next to the little cars.
  8. He's soooooo cute!!! I love him!!!
  9. Oh my--what a little angel!!!

    Louis is adorable! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Post more pictures!!!
  10. You mentioned that my puppy (Rowan) looked like your puppy--here is a recent picture of Rowan with her new haircut. (A preview of grown-up Louis?)
    Princess Rowan.jpg
  11. OMG!!!! AAAAWWWWW!!!! He is ssssooooo cute!!!! Do you carry him around in your pocket?
  12. Your baby is precious! I love puppies, dogs, cats and kittens and I just can't get enough of everyone posting their pet pictures.

    I know you and Louis are going to be a happy family!
  13. He is darling!!! Is it Louis like St. Louis or like LV? :p
  14. What a DOLL!!!!!!!!!!! He is so sweet and cuddly looking and you just want to eat him up:tender:
  15. How cute! My MIL had a poodle and she was the sweetest dog (after mine of course) ever-