My new puchase GUCCI%%GUCCI%%GUCCI

  1. New purchase

    I LOVE those bags :yahoo:
    First of all i was hesitated to buy them, becuase they are for the summer but in my country the whole year is like the summer :sweatdrop:
    So i eventually i decided to buy both of them for daily use, my taste was very formal really i feel change when i bought something coloured.

    Tell me your opinion about them:graucho::graucho::graucho:


  2. Welcome to TPF- very cute bags!
  3. they are very nice purses! congrats on your new bags!
  4. congrats!!i'm very new too and only recently began upgrading from liz claibornes to my dream the gucci horsebit braided strap bag
  5. i love them both they are droolworthy !
  6. Love your guccis!
  7. Thanks all for your responses :wlae:
  8. Nice cruise collection ! :yes:
  9. Beautiful! I love the flora print... Great for summer! The pelham and the bamboo peggy are my favorite bags in flora! :drool:
  10. They're so cute!!! I love the floral design on it!!! Very summery!!
  11. It is so cute,,i was searching for it's shoes but my size is not available :sad:
  12. welcome to tPF!!! Great collection -- i especially like the floral wallet!!
  13. beautiful collection! I love the Guccis!
  14. Nice!
  15. Very cute!!