My New PUCCI and CHOO!! - Opinions needed....


Should I keep the PUCCI?

  1. YES - It's too cute to be returned...

  2. NO - The cons are just too much, and it does looks wierd...

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  1. I'm in the middle of somewhere with white snow blanketing the ground, and too scared to wear my nice heels outside. So it's been shearling boots for a few weeks, except when I go down south on some of the weekends :graucho: ... Anyway I need to vent my needs of walking with heels, and what's more satisfying than buying more shoes....

    BUT.. Somehow the Pucci is a little bit odd when I wear them (I got them from eluxury). It's cute on the picture, but it's a little bit odd on the feet. It somehow reminds me of Minnie Mouse:wtf: ... I'm contemplating on returning them since the ribbon is also touching the floor, which can get dirty pretty easily.... WHAT DO YOU LADIES THINK?

    With that being said, here's the picture of my new shoes. PS: The choos is even more beautifullllll... on my feet :love:


    PS: The heel is clear... which I adore... BUT :shrugs:



    Pardon me for my band-aid...
  2. oh gosh I am absolutely loving the choos

    but if I am completely honest, the puccis are the sort of shoe I would expect my 7 year old daughter to wear. They are just abit too twee, and I think you could probably find a nicer pair.

    but the choos, wowser :biggrin: congratulations
  3. Choo's amazing.....PUcci-return. If you live in an area like I use, to with snow and rain, you will be so limited on the PUcci, and that cute pink little bow, aint' going to stay cute and pink for very long. After one wear, you could easily destroy them.

    They look like a show to be admired from afar, but not very practical. The bow looks to big on that narrow show. I bet it'd look fab down the runway, but it doesnt' seem to transition to real life.
  4. The Choos are beautiful. The Puccis do look like Minnie Mouse shoes- I would return those if I had to pick.
  5. I loooove the Choos. They make your feet look so dainty and pretty! The Pucci pair is a little *too* cutesy IMO. I think if you kept the Puccis, you'd have to wear pants because the bow overwhelms the vamp of the shoe.
  6. Pucci looks like clownshoes. I am so sorry pls do not hate me. :sad: They are not flattering to your foot and look like costume shoes. You can do better with another pair.

    The Jimmy Choo--yes! They are keepers!
  7. Definetely keep the Choos. The Pucci's, well, I agree with what the other posters have mentioned.
  8. I like them both! So beautiful!
  9. get rid of the pucci, absolutely. I mean come on, its a very select place you can wear the pucci too and im just not into them, where as the choo's can adapt. more usage, especially when your spending that much.
  10. Jimmy Choo, I am not feeling the others, sorry
  11. luv the choos, well the pucci's are kinda tooo cute and not very practical i'd think...
  12. I really like the Choo's, a definite keeper IMO... the Pucci's I feel the bow overwhelms the entire shoe, and it's a lilttle too frou frou... good luck with your decision! :smile:

  13. i agree about the puccis - very overwhelming. keep the choos!
  14. if you're 7 yrs old getting ready to put on a big puffy Easter dress - keep the Pucci, otherwise - return...

    Choo - love 'em, love 'em :heart: much more practical than the Pucci
  15. Love the Choos! don't like the Puccis. return them and get some choos lol