My new PS11 arrived!

  1. This is my first PS bag. I've wanted a PS1 for a while now, but then saw the PS11 at Barney's and just fell in love with the look and the shape.

    So here's my first, a PS11 in Royal Blue!


    (The first photo was taken with a flash, and makes the blue look a bit more vibrant than it actually is; the second pic is true to actual color though).
  2. It's a gorgeous color! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  3. Love the color, can't wait to see mod pics:smile:
  4. Congrats on your new score! Gorgeous BLUE :tup:
  5. Gorgeous!!! LOVE the color:smile:
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. Beautiful color, I'm jealous.. I've been searching for a PS11 at the right price for a while now.
  8. it's indeed a beautiful color :smile: i have the same one but in mini :biggrin:
    enjoy your new bag
  9. Gorgeous!!! Love this hue
  10. Is the bag heavy? :smile:
  11. Fabulous colour and such a great PS bag. I hope you love wearing it :smile:
  12. No - it's actually pretty lightweight! But it doesn't hold that much either: my LV zippy organizer, a card holder, and my phone.
  13. Thanks! Enjoy your new bag, she is beautiful :loveeyes:
  14. congrats, love the colour!
  15. Thank you!