My new PS1 pouch....logo change?

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  1. Hi All

    I first bought my PS1 medium in smoke when I visited Amsterdam in 2011. It was hard to find a smoke color when I was traveling from London, to Paris and finally to Amsterdam.

    I just bought another PS1 pouch in midnight from (30% was $1325 now discounted to around $930). I just got the bag today. I noticed the plague logo has changed a there's a big space between "proenza" and "schouler." Do you guys know when they made the change?

    The pouch is a little smaller than I thought and the strap is way long...but I guess everybody just tied a knot to make it smaller? I'm debating if I should keep looks awesome on so many celebrities...and now that I became a new mom, I think it's easier to carry a cross body bag so I can free up my hand.

    Just want to know if anyone can share how they like their PS1 pouch? Midnight should be a good color choice right? I thought these "staple" colors normally don't go on sale so I was glad when I found one on

  2. Hi, yes the logo changed for fall 2013, the lining changed to the triangle print too. I think Midnight is a great neutral color, congrats on finding it on sale! :biggrin:
  3. I have two pouches, I think they're amazing. I'm a mom too. It wouldn't have worked for me in the diaper and bottle days, but now it's perfect!
  4. Thanks Lanasyogamama for the "mommy" feedback. My LO is 7-month so I still carry a larger lesportsac or MBMJ diaper bag. I figure the small cross-body bag will allow me to put my small wallet, sunglasses and phones in a separate bag from diaper bag. I just hope my LO doesn't burp up on the PS1 pouch!

    I think I will keep it.....I think midnight is the right choice for me!
  5. That sounds like a great idea. I hated digging into the cavernous diaper bag for my wallet and such back in the day.
  6. Omg when was this on sale??? Anyway, I have the Pouch in Smoke and I have the Medium in Midnight. The Pouch is my most favorite PS1 of them all. Mine came with it already knotted and even at 5'7" it would be way too long on me without it. The size fits everything and expands so you can really cram a lot in there. I wear the Pouch casually in the day and it's perfect for those casual/dressy evenings where you are not too dressed up, but you're in for example: tight pants, silk shirt, a blazer and heels. The bag works well for both occasions. You definitely need to keep it, you will love it, I promise!!! :smile:
  7. I have the Pouch in Poppy and I mostly use it as a travel bag when visiting cities where I only need to have my wallet and basic necessities. The strap is way too long and I brought it to the cobbler who did a great job shortening it