My new princessy dream ring

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  1. I just came back from the jeweler's, to pick up my new ring, after he set our loose diamond in my princessy dream ring with pave halo and accent on the sides of the band.
    Hubby purchased the loose diamond a few years back as an investment (from Antwerp United Diamonds). Of course I'm a little bummed because I wanted a 'fatter' band to make an inscription (my puppy's name that died 2 weeks ago and a heart), but it is a little too thin and I can't do it right now... Oh well...

    Diamond Details:

    Shape: Round
    Cut: Select Ideal (Sarin)
    Carat: 3.51
    Color: I
    Clarity: VS1

    Diamond Proportions:

    Measurements: 9.98-9.93-5.9
    Depth Percentage: 59.1 %
    Table Percentage: 59 %
    Girdle: M
    Culet: None (Pointed)
    Polish: Excellent
    Symmetry: Excellent
    Fluorescence: None (Inert)

    Ring's TW is 4.25 now.

    This is what I wear normally everyday, my petite e ring (vintagy huh?) and my Tiffany & Co wedding band on my right hand (your left) and my new ring on the left hand.

    different light circumstances...



  2. It's beautiful, Lily25! Can we see a pic from the side? My diamond is about the same size as yours, and I've been thinking about doing something similiar.
  3. lily, its gorgeous! i love that setting!~
  4. Thank you!

    Side pic


    it's prettier IRL lol, it doesn't look good in this pic... Anyways, you can see the design is very simple nothing fancy!:P
  5. That is drop-dead gorgeous! What a perfect setting! Congratulations!
  6. Wow GORGEOUS~!!! You have pretty hands!
  7. Wow, it's gorgeous!
  8. Wowzers, it's stunning! It actually gave me butterflies lol!
  9. Thanks everyone!!!:biggrin:

    Lol it gives me butterflies too, I don't know if I will ever get used to the size, I keep staring at it...:P
  10. Looks good from the side! I commented earlier on your blog:biggrin:

  11. Exquisite!
  12. Stunning! And with your older set on your right hand it's perfect!
  13. this is ultra-gorgeous!!!!! Congrats on your dream ring!!!! I would feel like a princess too wearing this ring!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!!

    I will not wear everything together hahaahaa! I think I will wear it on special occasions, I'm too shy for big bling during day time.
  15. Absolutely gorgeous ring!! Lucky lady!!