My New Pretty

  1. After using my Monogram Canvas wallet for a year (record-breaking!) I decided today it was time for a new one. I'm not a big fan of the Vernis line but I saw the same wallet in red Vernis (the pochette wallet) and it was instant love!!!

    Here are some pictures:
    DSC00863.jpg DSC00866.jpg DSC00864.jpg DSC00865.jpg
  2. SUCH a pretty color and what a great functional wallet! Congrats! :wlae:
  3. Gorgeous I LOVE it!!!
  4. Lovely, i love pomme.
  5. Congrats! It's gorgous!
  6. Congrats it is a beauty!!
  7. I love it, so pretty!
  8. Oh wow!!
    I do love the LV vernis line and LOOOOOOVE the pomme.

    After having a major indecisive day yesterday myself(deciding for a white and red vernis bag) I made up my mind with all the help from some lovely ladies and also decided for the red vernis.

    It is such a wonderful rich color, def. the best choice for a wallet as well!
    Congrats on the new beauty!!
  9. Congrats ... great choice ---love pomme:love:
  10. :nuts:COngratzz!
  11. It's a beauty! Congrats! Loooove the vernis pomme...
  12. Congratulations.
  13. it's beautiful! congrats!
  14. the pomme is so hot! great wallet, congrats!
  15. Congrats!