My new Preloved Patent Betty is here.

  1. Here she is my preloved patent betty from another tpf member. Isn't she gorgeous.
    Photo 1.jpg Photo 2.jpg Photo 3.jpg
  2. pixie01...

    Your bag is GORGEOUS...don't you just love Chloe patent? Enjoy your new beauty in the new year!!!
  3. Thank you. I love this colour patent, and the black.
  4. :tup: Yup that bag is a beauty:drool:!!!. Love:heart:,love:heart:,love :heart:Chloe Patent (I have Medium Quilted Bays in both Noir and Jade patent and of all my bags,those two seem to garner the most compliments:yes:).
  5. Smokin HOT!!!!!!!!:dothewave:
  6. Your bag is really pretty!
    Enjoy :smile:
  7. Great bag, congratulations!!
  8. OOOOHHHH, a Betty CHAIN!!
    My favorite version of the Betty!!
    Enjoy her, she is exquisite!
  9. What a beauty! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Congrats! :flowers:
  10. Aaah! I absolutely love and want this bag...
  11. gorgeous gorgeous - I'm so jealous. Hope you love her forever!
  12. Of course I adore this bag since I have it too in chocolate patent and it is the one that gets the most compliments! Congrats!!
  13. patent rocks my world! such a great material. congrats!!