My New Prada Wedges...What Do You Think?

  1. Got these last night at Neimans on sale for 328. :yahoo:
  2. very nice, congrats!
  3. love them. They are so cute!! CONGRATS!!
  4. Very nice. Do they feel really comfy?
  5. I havent worn them out yet, but they feel pretty comfy. The straps are thick so I bet they wont start to hurt the back for my ankle either.
  6. They loook cute and comfy
  7. These are really cute, and for a great price!! How happy you must be you lucky gal! :yes:
  8. Very cute!
  9. Very cute! They will be perfect for summer :nuts:
  10. PRADA talks!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cute shoes and a great price! Congrats!!
  12. Thanks!!
  13. those are cute
  14. Oohhh ... I saw those IRL and they're very cute! Congrats and what a bargain!
  15. Oh wow! They are so cute! I love the Back of the Heel. Awesome!!