My new Prada sunglasses

  1. Hi everyone :upsidedown:

    I recently start looking for a new pair of sunglasses and after trying on a lot (and I mean A LOT) of sunglasses... there they are... This perfect pair of Prada Sunglasses :supacool:.

    So I was wondering what do u all think (I always enjoy feedback from the members of this Forum :shame:smile:? Was it a good purchase (they suit me like a glove)?
  2. very nice...:tup:
  3. Very COOL!!! Modeling pics?
  4. I dig them! Thumbs up for me!
  5. I would love to post modeling picks but I can't shrink a photo to fit the sizes of TPF images :crybaby:
  6. love love! i had a pair of the gold/brown and i loved it!! but it got washed away in mexico. :sad:

    i think its a simple classy pair.
  7. Cute glasses, agree with you, have to keep trying em on to find the right pair. Enjoy!!!