My new Prada Python Gaufre Tote

  1. I just received this today, got it at Neiman Marcus online. It is without doubt my favorite bag I've ever owned. I can't believe how much I love this bag. But now that I've spent this much money, I'm sure I won't be posting on the forum for a long time (at least about new purchases).....
  2. Love python, it looks great.
  3. Wow!! Sharp!!!! Congrats!!!!
  4. Oh wow! That's HOT!!!!

    Congratulations... can we see a modeling pic???? Does it have a zipper top or the top is open???

    Love it! :yes:
  5. The top has a snap, no zipper. I'll post a modeling picture later....Thanks!
  6. Hi marla523...

    I just went to check it out on both NM and BG... it's not there - so you must have bought the last one. :yes:

    Sweet! It's a real beauty!
  7. OMG, I love this bag. Congratulations on a very unique & beautiful Gaufre!
    Yes, please post more photos!
  8. wow :yahoo:
    that's going to look stunning with fall blacks and greys. :drool:
  9. I LOVE IT!!! Stunning.
  10. WOW...I really LOVE this bag....!!!!!!!Never seen it before either!!!
  11. That is wonderful! Enjoy!
  12. Congrats!It's beautyful bag!
  13. gorgeous bag, congrats!
  14. Marla, Thanks for the link!!

    Now that I clicked on it -- it's python & they won't ship to California. :nuts: I think this may be why I wasn't paying attention to it, since I'm in California!

    It's truly a beauty! I can't wait to see more pix with you modeling it. Congratulations!!!! :yes: