My new Prada is peeling!

  1. HELP>>>I just purchased this prada at NM last month and the leather on the handles are peeling! Has anyone had this type of problem before?:hysteric:
    01-23-07_1550.jpg 01-23-07_1552.jpg
  2. I have not had this problem . . . . but I will bet someone tells you it must be fake! =) Anyway, just take it back to NM and they will take care of it for you. Probably with a new bag.
  3. Take it back to NM for a new one..Never had a Prada prob before ..So this is definately strange
  4. Never had a problem with Prada bags take it back to store get a replacement.
  5. OMG!! Take it back and keep us posted! That's awful! You must be crushed! So sorry for you..Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
  6. I truly love this bag but I will take it back and keep you posted, thanks!

  7. I took the bag back to NM and they will send it back to Prada (4 weeks) to re-coat it. The SA says that she had never seen this happen to a Prada but she did see it happen to Marc Jacob and other metallic coated leather bags.
  8. Yes, definitely take it back and get a brand new one. It's too much money to just keep it.
  9. NM would not let me exchange or return it, I could only to get it fixed.
  10. Hi girls!

    Don't worry. Prada is FAMOUS for how well they treat their bags for repair, reconditioning, etc.

    I have a few boutique Prada bags, and I've sent 2 back for cleaning. Not cheap, but WOW :nuts: they looked brand spankin new when I got them back!

    Don't let it sway you. Your bag will be 2x as fab when you get it back :yes:
  11. Thanks!
  12. That's really odd, I hope everything works out for you!
  13. Call NM!
  14. Hope they fix your problem.
  15. Hi! My miumiu caught something sticky so I went back to Saks to ask what to do. The SA recommended me a shoe repair shop to buff the leather. I'm wondering to take it to shoerepair or go to NM? How much does the cleaning cost? --Thanks~