My new Prada is here!..**pics**

  1. :nuts: Ok here she is....I almost died when I got home poored while I was at work and the box was soaked...the Prada was unscathed thank God!!!! I am amazed at how wonderfully light this is!! But I've been carrying heavy bags lately so it's def good to have a weightless bag again...Very impressed w/ this nylon!!! I put my stuff in the bag and it keeps it's shape buckling so I'm glad about that.. I think she's a keeper..I'm about 90% sure I'm keeping her...need to play a bit and inspect very closely before I decide....Opinion's ladies?:yes: (my pics aren't the greatest..had to rush to get din din on the table for DH..!)
    nylon prada 006 (2).jpg nylon prada 023.jpg nylon prada 050.jpg nylon prada 051.jpg nylon prada 038 (2).jpg
  2. LOVES!!!!I have two nylon Gauffres..They hold up awesome!

    PS-I got the most KICKAS* leather Gauffre messenger bag today from Prada..heehee....Ill post pics for ya later!!YOU WILL DIE!
  3. Oh we go..the last time this happened my Saks card practically burst into flames lol!!! You CAN'T say things like that and not post pics!!!!! Get on it!!! BTW is it raining where you are b/c it's POORING here...I think we're both going to be underwater after looking at the weather map!!!! Hurry up and post..I can always send this RIGHT back....:p
  4. :yes: Emmy!!

    I *love* your new bag! It's beautiful... Love that handle!! Nice!! So this is a bag you won't be afraid to take out in the rain!! :smile: Very nice!!! Enjoy!!!
  5. Love it Emmy! Still on a quest for my first Gauffre since I didn't end up getting the satchel.
  6. LOVE IT!! Congrats! I think it is a keeper!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Love it! I have this bag in leather and it's terrific!
  8. You didn't? I thought you were getting the one like mine & Jill's...:confused1: Thanx for the compliment!!!
  9. Thanx Steph for the compliment!! Yes..I think she's found a new home here!!

    Lulilu..Which one do you have..did you post a pic in the reference thread?

    :heart: :yahoo: :heart:
  10. beautiful new bag emmy!! congrats!!
  11. What a GORGEOUS bag!! It goes so nicely with your nails, too :smile: I love the handle detail. Okay, that's it. I need to not look at all the stuff you buy, you're a bad influence on me. First the Blake and now who knows what you're going to persuade me to buy ;) hee hee.

    Congrats again on the bag, and don't send it back. It's perfect for you!

  12. Emmy - I love it! I need to find another Prada for "every day" - something not quite as "delicate" as the cera gauffre! Nylon (or a darker leather) is the way to go!
  13. Yeah I hear ya..I think it will be perfect!! How is the cera wearing? Does it get dirty fast? I haven't used mine yet...waiting for the RAIN TO STOP!!!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  15. cute, how much was it?