My new Prada frame bag

  1. Hello. I bought the first handbag on 2007 right on 1/1. Style is the same as the first URL but the color is ivory/ombre which is similar to the second URL. i've been aiming a framed bag for months and finally grabbed this one. i found it's perfect for winter and also coming spring.
    however, one minor thing bugs me is it's made of pig leather but most of my bags are either cow or sheep leather. anyone know if it's difficult to manage?

    I'll post pic asap. :yes:

    exact style

    Bluefly - Save on Designer Totes, Handbags at 75% Savings at - #2062546 - Prada cognac ombré pigskin framed satchel

  2. Oh congrats! That is sooo pretty!
  3. very nice, can't wait to see the picc:yes:
  4. Very cute bag!Congrats!
  5. hello. thanks for the praises. here are the pics. :yahoo:
    prada-frame-1-1.jpg prada-frame-2-1.jpg
  6. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous style, congrats Billbill. =)
  7. Congratulations.
  8. super congrats on a fabulous bag!!!
  9. Wow I love that bag!!! Just beautiful!
  10. congrats!
  11. Gorgeous!!
  12. that is a very striking bag, billbill!!

    as for pig leather, no, it is extremely durable and you shouldn't worry at all! but if i were you i'd protect the colour of the bag with vectra...ivory/white can be really scary when it comes to stains.....and vectra will keep your bag looking perfectly new!
  13. thanks all for your compliments. =)

    hi brian, may I know where I can find vectra? any similar product will do? I cannot locate this in Hong Kong and tried search on web, seems I need to order online or buy on eBay. thanks