My new Prada frame bag....

  1. I just bought this Prada frame bag today at Saks and got GC in the event.Hopefully I can get it by the end of next week.;) My local Saks doesn't have this white linen one, anyone has seen this bag? Is it easily getting dirty? High maintenance?
  2. THat is gorgeous...cant wait to see it on you!
  3. White linen might as well be a staining sponge. You are one brave girl!!! I don't know if Prada treats it or not though. That would definitely be something that I would ask about, also whether or not they recommend treating it.

    I think the bag is absolutely a beauty!!!
  4. It's gorgeous! Cannot wait to see more pics! Congrats!
  5. wow its stunning!:love:
  6. Wow~ a beauty... but linen is very hard to take care of... hopefully you made sure it's treated. post picss!!
  7. That bag was in the window of the Prada store on Madison Ave. for quite a while (may still be there--I'll have to check again). I agree--it looks like it can get dirty easily, so be careful with it, but enjoy it!
  8. Congrats on your new purchase! Looks like a big bag and maybe a bit of a challenge to maintain the crisp whiteness.