My new Prada delivery!

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  1. This was on back order til December on NM online but I received it this weekend!

    Prada ball.JPG
  2. Very pretty! Congrats
  3. Congrats! It's really cute!! :heart:
  4. Very cute bag! Congrats and post pics wearing it!
  5. Congrats! was worth the wait! I adore this bag, it's very versatile...from day to evening wear. My niece has this bag, it's one of her favorites because of the versatility and it looks fabulous over the shoulder.
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I don't have my dig cam right now since my bf has it but I will post pics wearing it on Friday.
  8. :nuts: What a beauty!!! I love it...I want one too......:P
  9. Nice! NM has been shipping preordered bags way earlier than they predicted. Enjoy it.
  10. Love it - can't wait to see pictures:yes:
  11. very cute. i have that same bag and i love it to death!
  12. I took some pics tonight wearing my new bag. lol. Here they are.

    Picture 003.jpg

    Picture 004.jpg
  13. congrats!
  14. Timeless, versatile and classic. Very nice!
  15. that is a cute hobo!