my new prada clutch!

  1. hehehe ive always loved prada for its brand because its so stylish but was never very into their nylon range but i absolutely LOVE this clutch! :yahoo:

    not to mention it didnt cost me a single cent either which makes it all the better!

    the best things in life are free :p
  2. That's adorable! What's the size? And dare I ask... why was it freeeeeeeeeee? :p
  3. It is so cute Congratulations.
  4. I'm going to buy a similar bag (just the messenger kind of style). So I was wondering what color lining your has? Is it the cream/gold-like one?
  5. hehehe because i won a competition at a department store and won $1k gift voucher! and luckily for me the store i won the vouchers at stocked prada handbags! hehehehe
    the size is about 19cm by 14cm

    it fits phone, wallet and keys and maybe some small bits and pieces! but i love it im so excited!! my first ever prada!
  6. the colour of the lining is the same as the colour of the clutch, with gold patterns and prada all over it.
    so i think its the same as what your talking about, creamy gold kind of colour =] LOL im not making much sense
  7. Wow! Lilyyy...

    *Nice* gift!!!! Congrats on that prize!!!

    I think it's very cool. Can you show us a modeling pic - I can't tell the size in "cm"...
  8. Oooh congrats, congrats!
  9. WOW! CONGRATS!!!!

    I have a tote from this collection that I absolutely ADORE!!!!!
  10. This clutch is lovely, congrats. =)
  11. I have that exact bag I love it! Congrats on winning, lucky you!
  12. Congrats! Its really cute!
  13. Congrats on winning and on the clutch- it is very cute!