My new Prada Cervo riding boots!!!

  1. So pretty! Congrats on the gorgeous boots!
  2. oooh, I LOVE those! I could use some flat heeled boots, how did these run?
  3. the leather is FABULOUS!!! So soft, so nice.

    usually I wear 40, but 39 in Gucci, and those I took in 39,5. BUT...I have really high arches, so make sure you try on both -- right one went on like magic but not the left one, so I left them for stretching, and will pick up the boots next week.

    I really needed some flat and fab boots, as I fly a lot, and cross-Atlantic flights + walking in aiport in heels is not a smart option. heels for the meetings, still :yes:
  4. they're gorgeous, congrats!!!:yes:
  5. Very nice!
  6. now I saw these cute Diors, and questioning, if I made a mistake...

  7. I :heart: those boots! I'm too chicken to get the riding boots so I opted for these Tod's instead. Swanky, NM still has them if you are looking for a low heeled boot. They are very comfortable. The stores have them dark chocolate brown (not pictured on website).
  8. Oops. I forgot to upload the pic. Here are the Tod's Motorcyle boots ...
  9. I love those boots.
  10. Aw they're gorgeous! Congrats

    So just a tad bit confused here, are you using them for riding or as usual boots?
  11. using them as regular boots.... just the cervo riding boot is the "official name" :smile:
  12. Hi ladies,
    Would anyone know where l might be able to purchase a pair of Cervo Prada riding boots size 39?
    I love either the tan or dark brown colour, do you know if the dark brown colour in this design is also caled Cervo?
    Thank you
  13. Gorgeous boots! The Diors are cute too, but the Prada pair are more classic and elegant looking. Congrats!