My new Prada bow tote came in...

  1. and I love it! :yahoo: Thanks to Jill's pictures, I had to call over to the Prada store to get it. It's the perfect size- looks lady like and petite, but can fit a lot (even a magazine). The combination of the nylon and leather makes it very light weight as well.

    I took some pictures (please excuse my attire, just got back from running)
    Prada bow.JPG Prada bow 2.JPG
  2. Sweet!!!! Congrats & enjoy!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. oooh isnt she delicious? i have her in all leather and its true, she fits everything! i also carry her without being snapped on the sides, gives a different look like the LV Neverfull does when you carry it both ways...........congrats! a beautiful and unique Prada that not everyone will have...
  4. shes gorgeous!!
  5. CONGRATS!!!!!
    Looks fab on u!!!!!
  6. It's absolutely gorgeous~!:tup:
  7. Got a run in and a new Prada handbag.. you make my day look so uneventful! :drool:

    The bag is really cute! Congrats. I found one last weekend at Saks that I think I really like however, the sales assistant told me it is slated to marked down 30% around
    Dec. 1st and said she would call me. Thinking about heading back tomorrow to check it out again. It is similar to the style you just purchased however it is a leather-ultra soft and worn in looking.. have to grab the name of it.

    Enjoy your new handbag!!!
  8. sweet! congrats!
  9. Congrats. :woohoo:You look amazing with that bag.:tup:
  10. pretty bag~~ black looks nicer (than the green i saw last week)
  11. I love that little bow bag -- very Audrey Hepburn !!
  12. wow ! i've seen a pink bow on at the shop here in BKK, but the black bow looks better !!! good choice !!
  13. super cute! congrats!!
  14. Thanks everyone! I was surprised how much I liked this bag when it came in.