My new Prada bag!

  1. Hi everyone! Here is my new addition to my bag collection. :p It's tessuto+cervo with a twisted leather handle. What do you guys think?
    P6200001.JPG P6200002.JPG P6200003.JPG
  2. congrats!!
  3. OOOh!!! I've been seeing this on sale....Where did you get it??? I have to see this modeled...Please post a pic when you get a chance !!!!!!!...Just lovely....I've liked this from the beginning.....Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats - a great summer bag!!!
  5. Thanks guys! :yahoo:

    EMMY, I got it from Neiman Marcus. It was on sale, but I think it's not available on their site anymore. I'll post pics of me wearing it as soon as I can. :yes:
  6. congrats, i really like the color.
  7. Here's a pic of me wearing it. Sorry for the crappy quality. Hubby wasn't home to take my picture. :p I couldn't position it so the whole bag would be taken, anyway you have an idea of the proportions. I'm 5'6'' and it's so perfect for me. :p Roomy enough to fit in all of my stuff and stylish enough that I don't look like I'm carrying around a sack! Haha!:graucho:
  8. I love the shape of that and those great side pockets, and of course the little dangly fringey things !!

    Good summer choice !!
  9. Very cute! I like the nylon Pradas like this! :yes:
  10. Very cute! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. Cute and so perfect for summer!
  12. Nice....Congrats!
  13. blaglover529: That looks great on you!!!! Congrats again!!!
  14. congrats! that is a cute summer bag!
  15. I love it ! congrats !